AlertU - Emergency SMS Messaging

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Unsubscribe Options

To immediately stop receiving ALL alerts from AlertU:

  1. Simply text STOP or UNSUB to 253788 (ALERTU). Note: If you are receiving alerts from multiple keywords, this will unsubscribe you from all of them.

If you know the school or organization keyword that you wish to unsubscribe from:

  1. Simply text UNSUB [KEYWORD] to 253788 (ALERTU). Note: Your keyword is the phrase you texted in to sign up. It's name precedes any alerts you receive and is in all CAPS and followed by a colon.

If you wish to unsubscribe from a particular keyword and don't know the keyword:

  1. Go to our online Lookup and find your institution or school.
  2. You will be directed to the Sign Up page for that keyword. Click the "Already Subscribed" link.
  3. Enter your mobile number to verify you are on the list.
  4. You will receive a unique PIN, sent to your mobile phone.
  5. Enter the PIN on the next screen to sign into your account.
  6. At the bottom right of the page is a Cancel Subscription link. Click that.